Differents tools are available on the tools folder; here is an non exhaustive list of provided features.


The locale directory contains several scripts used to maintain translations along with Transifex services:

  • is used to extract translated string to the POT file (before sending it to Transifex),
  • locale\ compiles MO files from PO file (after they’ve been updated from transifex).


Installs a GLPI database from command line.

You have to specify both user and database name at last, using --user and --db parameters.

You can also add extra parameters:

  • --host let you specify database host. It defaults to localhost,
  • --pass let you specify database user’s password. It defaults to no password,
  • --lang let you specify language that will be used. It defaults to en_GB,
  • --tests
  • --force will force the installation even if database is already populated, all existing data will be lost.

You can get the usage by simply calling the script:

$ php tools/cliinstall.php
usage: tools/cliinstall.php [ --host=<dbhost> ] --db=<dbname> --user=<dbuser> [ --pass=<dbpassword> ] [ --lang=xx_XX] [ --tests ] [ --force ]


Let you update your GLPI database from command line. The script does not need any argument, just call it and you’re done:

$ php tools/cliupdate.php
Current GLPI Data version: 9.2
Current GLPI Code version: 9.2
Default GLPI Language: en_GB
No migration needed.

You can also add extra parameters:

  • --force will force the latest update even if database is already up to date, this may cause issues,
  • --optimize will optimize database tables after the update,
  • --lang let you specify language that will be used. It defaults to en_GB,
  • --config-dir let you specify the configuration directory. This is mainly used for tests; default config file may be the best choice in almost every case.

Generate GLPI phpdoc using apigen. apigen command must be available in your path.

Generated documentation will be available in the api directory. Note that you can also look at the online version.


Search options have changed in GLPI 9.2 (see PR #1396). This script is a helper to convert existing search options to new way.


The script output can probably not be used as is; but it would probably help you a lot!

Builds GLPI release tarball:

  • install and cleanup third party libraries,
  • remove files and directories that should not be part of tarball,
  • minify CSS an Javascript files,

Update copyright header based on the contents of the HEADER file.


This script is designed to be called from a browser, or from the command line. It will display existing search options for an item specified with the type argument.

For example, open http://localhost/glpi/tools/getsearchoptions.php?type=Computer, and you will see search options for Computer type.

On command line, you can get the exact same result entering:

$ php tools/getsearchoptions.php --type=Computer

Not yet documented…


Following scripts are not yet documented… Feel free to open a pull request to add them!

  • Probably obsolete
  • checkforms.php: Check forms opened / closed
  • checkfunction.php: Check for obsolete function usage
  • cleanhistory.php: Purge history with some criteria
  • diff_plugin_locale.php: Probably obsolete
  • Check duplicates key in language template
  • findtableswithoutclass.php
  • fk_generate.php
  • glpiuser.php
  • ldap-glpi.ldif: An LDAP export
  • ldap-schema.txt: An LDAP export
  • ldapsync.php
  • notincludedlanguages.php: Get all po files not used in GLPI
  • test_langfiles.php
  • testmail.php
  • testunit.php
  • update_registered_ids.php: Purge history with some criteria

Out of date


Those tools are outdated, and kept for reference, or need some work to be working again. Use them at your own risks, or do not use them at all :)


This directory contains a set of unit tests that have not really been integrated in the project. Since, some unit tests have been rewritten, but not everything has been ported :/


A vimfile for autocompletion and highlithing in VIM. This one is very outaded; it should be replaced with a most recent version, or being removed.


This script is designed to generate many data in your GLPI instance. It relies on the generate_bigdump.function.php file.

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