The extra config/local_define.php file will be loaded if present. It permit you to change some GLPI framework configurations.

Change logging level

Logging level is declared with the GLPI_LOG_LVL constant; and rely on available Monolog levels. The default log level will change if debug mode is enabled on GUI or not. To change logging level to ERROR, add the following to your local_define.php file:

define('GLPI_LOG_LVL', \Monolog\Logger::ERROR);


Once you’ve declared a logging level, it will always be used. It will no longer take care of the debug mode.

Override mailing recipient

In some cases, during development, you may want to test notifications that can be sent. Problem is you will have to make sure you are not going to sent fake email to your real users if you rely on a production database copy for example.

You can define a unique email recipient for all emails that will be sent from GLPI. Original recipient address will be added as part of the message (for you to know who was originally targeted). To get all sent emails delivered on the you@host.org email address, use the GLPI_FORCE_MAIL in the local_define.php file:

define('GLPI_FORCE_MAIL', 'you@host.org');

Disabling CSRF checks


Use it with cautions!

While disabling CSRF checks may be really interesting during debugging, keep in mind that enabling it again (which is the default) may cause issues you cannot see before.

CSRF checks will prevent for example a same form to be sent twice. While this is the expected behavior for the application, this may be a pain during development or debugging. You can therefore use the GLPI_USE_CSRF_CHECK constant in the local_define.php file:

define('GLPI_USE_CSRF_CHECK', 0);

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