Review process

Here is the process you must follow when you are reviewing a PR.

  1. Make sure the destination branch is the correct one:

  • master for new features,

  • xx/bugfixes for bug fixes

  1. Check if unit tests are not failing,

  2. Check if coding standards checks are not failing,

  3. Review the code itself. It must follow GLPI’s coding standards,

  4. Using the Github review process, approve, request changes or just comment the PR,

  • If some new methods are added, or if the request made important changes in the code, you should ask the developer to write some more unit tests

  1. A PR can be merged if two developers approved it, or if one developer approved it more than one day ago,

  2. A bugfix PR that has been merged into the xx/bugfixes branch must be reported on the master branch. If the master already contains many changes, you may have to change some code before doing this. If changes are consequent, maybe should you open a new PR against the master branch for it,

  3. Say thanks to the contributor :-)

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