Prepare next major release

Once a major release has been finished, it’s time to think about the next one!

You’ll have to remember a few steps in order to get that working well:

  • bump version in config/define.php

  • create SQL empty script (copying last one) in install/mysql/glpi-{version}-empty.sql

  • change empty SQL file calls in inc/toolbox.class.php (look for the $DB->runFile call)

  • create a PHP migration script copying provided template install/update_xx_xy.tpl.php

    • change its main comment to reflect reality

    • change method name

    • change version in displayTitle and setVersion calls

  • add the new case in install/update.php and tools/cliupdate.php; that will include your new PHP migration script and then call the function defined in it

  • change the include and the function called in the --force option part of the tools/cliupdate.php script

That’s all, folks!

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